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We are back!
Want Bigger Eyes!
Flawless Skin Secrets!!
Airbrush Makeup Vs. Traditional Makeup
Attention Brides!


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We are back!

We have been super busy with wedding season and haven't posted a new blog in a while, we promise to start publishing once a week again!!!

This week lets talk about mascara!!!
A lot of people think that if you spend more money on a product then it will be better........well we think a little differently. We have tried many different mascaras from high end expensive to low end drug store and have come to the conclusion that when it comes to mascara more money doesn't equal better!
       The best mascara we have discovered is.

Want Bigger Eyes!

Hi Everyone, I have been getting a great response from the previous make-up blog so I figured I would pick focal points each week. This week I will focus on the eyes!
Everyone wants big captivating eyes, here's how to enhance them.
1) When prepping your eye make sure to use an eyelid primer on the eyelid and underneath, don't forget the inside corner as well
2) Tightlining is key! This is when you take a black liner and line the inner upper eyelid against the lash line and the inner bottom lash line as well.

Flawless Skin Secrets!!

      Everyone wants perfect flawless looking skin on their wedding day, yes makeup will enhance your look and help hide any flaws your skin may have. There are some steps you can take to get rid of these flaws that will allow you to wear less makeup looking naturally radiant for your big day. 
    The most important thing to know about flawless makeup is it all stems from a great base, this would be your natural skin. It is important to focus on your skin before your big day, start off by getting a facial about two weeks prior to your day, this will cleanse your pores and get rid of any breakouts that are awaiting stress to trigger them.

Airbrush Makeup Vs. Traditional Makeup

Many brides are faced with the decision of choosing airbrush makeup or traditional mineral makeup, I would personally choose airbrush for my wedding day. Traditional makeup is great as well, but there's just something special about airbrush makeup! Here's some interesting facts and the benefits of airbrush makeup:
Airbrush makeup is amazing, it leaves your skin looking smooth and flawless, guaranteed to last all day!
  • Applied with an airbrush system, it allows the makeup to be misted on your face.

Attention Brides!

   I've been in a few weddings and I'm currently planning a wedding of my own and I know how chaotic and stressful planning a wedding can be. Also, with being a part of weddings every weekend with my job I have learned many things to ease this stress and be well prepared. So here's some advice for any brides, mothers of the brides, maid of honors, or any one being involved in a wedding when it comes to getting ready.
     There are a few very important things to remember when it comes to wedding day beauty preparations.

Wedding Season

Wedding season has been great so far! We have had weddings every weekend and have shared some pretty special moments with some awesome brides and their bridesmaids. There's nothing more enjoyable then being a part of a brides big day!!! Since I am around brides a lot I have a little advice, just enjoy every moment of your wedding. Whether your in the beginning stages or its almost your big day, its important to relax and embrace this awesome venture of new life as a couple!!!

Big Day Beauty

Big Day Beauty Team
Christine & Ashley       I would just like to introduce Big Day Beauty to the blogging world! We love making people feel beautiful whether it be for a photo shoot or your wedding day we make sure you look exactly how you have envisioned. Traveling to you ensures a stress free day, which is awesome if you have a big event to attend. Please check out our website and to stay up to date on our current events and to see our work!
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